We totally respect your online privacy. So it goes without saying that we are fully committed to safeguarding your online privacy while you’re here at the OnlyProEvolutions.Com and that’s precisely why we have decided to include the following, which discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.

Information you provide

Users’ information will be recorded when they use our service. That is the account, name, phone number, address, email, profile picture, social network, or ID from the provider.

Information we collect

When using any of OnlyProEvolutions’s services, your IP will be automatically collected through third-party platforms, plugins, or social networks. In addition, cookies, IDFA identifiers, or more are automatically gathered. If you do not want this information to be collected, you can completely get rid of newsletters and advertisements on our site.

How we use your information

Your information helps us provide relevant products and improve our services. User preferences, search trends, and the purpose of using your products will help make the best purchasing decisions. Not only is this great for the user, but also for us. You absolutely can choose the best product and we can also protect our services from negative actions on the Internet.

Chatbot feature

When you activate the chatbot feature, IP will also be collected. With Facebook messenger activity, when you provide personal information, you will receive service newsletters or some promotional information. At this time, Facebook ID is also saved for distribution via chatbot.

Cookie, web beacons and third party cookies

As mentioned above, cookies are used for the purposes of collecting information. In the privacy policy, you absolutely notice it appearing on almost every website. With cookies, we can manage and maintain the service. At the same time, we also know how our users use the services. Third party tracking technology and web beacons are also used for active purposes.


When accessing and using OnlyProEvolutions service, you will find a number of links to other applications and websites. You can completely count on because these links are secure and they comply with user privacy policies.


With OnlyProEvolutions, our audience does not include children under 13. IP information and other data of children under 13 are denied from our website. When we discover any information of children under 13, we will delete it as soon as possible. Therefore, if there is any information about children under 13, do not hesitate to contact us.

Information security

Similar to other websites, we strictly adhere to consumer protection standards. Unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction of user IP will be prevented by us. However, all of your information appearing on the internet as well as OnlyProEvolutions will not be completely secured from hackers.


If there is any complaint between us and consumers will be resolved by the regulatory authority.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

At OnlyProEvolutions, cookies can be used by Google as a third party vendor. This is extremely understandable because Google uses DART cookies for the purpose of serving users with relevant advertisements on many websites. 

You can completely reject advertisements and other information with Google privacy policy. This link will help you do that right away: http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html

Our Advertising Partners

Cookies together with web beacons on OnlyProEvolutions may be used by our partners. Therefore, this is also extremely important in our privacy policy.

Amazon Associates Program

OnlyProEvolutions is one of many collaborators of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Only when you click on a product link on Amazon, we will receive a small commission. So here is an affiliate program with Amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.ca…

Changes to this privacy policy

OnlyProEvolutions privacy policy may be changed at any time without prior notice. This is similar to many websites today. Therefore, you have accepted those changes when using any of our services.