Patch 1.03 out now for PES 2015

Published at 11:51 am, Thursday, 5 February 2015
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have just released a brand new title update for PES 2015.

Patch 1.03 adds many fixes and improvements to a range of game modes, including myClub and Master League, all of which you can find in the list below.

For those wondering, yes, Data Pack 3 was also released this morning. However, it brought no extras such as new boots, faces or transfers. From what we can gather right now, DP3 was only made available to allow the release of Patch 1.03. Compatibility issues and all that...

Either way, for those wanting a 'proper Data Pack', it looks like you'll have to wait for next month's Data Pack 4. Until then, you can get up-to-date transfers and line-ups by turning on the Live Updates feature.

Live Updates is default for all online modes, including myClub, and can also be activated for offline Exhibiton matches (ensure you console is connected to the internet and then press R3 when you're at the Team Select menu).

*Based on requests, we have added the following:

・myClub players list
・Separate display for Injured players and players with contact expiry in the team management window.
・The likelihood of a successful deal has been changed in the Overall Rating display (see our screenshot above)

*Issues below have been fixed

・Live Update automatically applied in offline matches after playing online matches

・Player name is still displayed even after the cursor is set as the user name in VS COM matches.
・The substitution number settings are maintained when a VS COM match is played after a Friendly match.
・Some cases are seen to only allow GPs to extend a player contract
・Some cases are seen to lack the bar display of [Middle] when setting [Attacking Area] in [Offensive Tactic].

<Master League>
・Manager name is not applied when the name is set as the one used previously for managing a National team
・Game speed does not match the setting when playing in manager mode
・Actual annual salary and contract length are different to the value negotiated for players who are [Free Agents] or [Others].
・If the player trade negotiations are not closed by 31 August, the user may not be able to proceed to 1 January.

<Become a Legend>
・Unable to proceed the match when your CPU does not take a FK when he is assigned to.

・Edited appearance of players set to default after Live Update application

* Minor adjustments have been made to a variety of modes to improve general gaming experience.

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