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Published at 6:36 pm, Tuesday, 29 July 2014
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Although it's no real surprise, Konami have today announced that PES 2015 will be shown at this year's gamescom event.

Taking place between August 13-17, Cologne's Koelnmesse will once again host the continent's largest consumer event as thousands of gamers head to Germany to get an early peak of their favourite upcoming titles. Along with PES 2015, Konami will also use the event to show off Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

After several behind-closed-door playtests, gamescom will be the first time that a playable version of PES 2015 has been shown to the general public. Although its release date still hasn't been confirmed, the game remains on course for an Autumn release.

In other news, have published their video interview with two members of the UK PES team. Recorded at Old Trafford stadium during PES World Finals week, the Italian website had the chance to chat with PES European Brand Manager Adam Bhatti, as well as PES Associate Director Klaus Ganer.

The video was published in Italian with no English subtitles - however, thanks to our kind friends at WENB Italia, we were able to translate the entire interview into English.

The second part of the interview, with Klaus Ganer, mostly looks at Live Updates; aided by a selection of community members, Konami will release weekly updates to add things like up-to-date starting line-ups, transfers and player accessories.

Speaking of which, Konami have also confirmed PES 2015 will receive a Day One patch which will implement all deals finalised in this summer's transfer window.

Read the two interviews below:

Multiplayer: Can you talk about the new focus on gameplay, and your motto of 'The Pitch Is Ours'?

Adam Bhatti: Our goal for PES 2015 is to get back to basis. We want to evoke that feeling, we which we lost last year, and that's what we're focusing on. We also asked our fans and we wanted to listen to them, so we are back at a crucial moment for PES.

PES 6, which I and many others still consider as one of the best football games of all-time, we wanted to capture that feeling again - a feeling which comes from the gameplay. So we closed our offices for days to think about what would make it [PES 2015) so special.

At the end, we hit three fundamental points: shooting and goalkeepers to start with, and then we wanted every goal to be different, possibly through different animations and other visual elements. Then we wanted the game to be responsive which you could play instinctively, without delays in controls. And lastly, the 1 vs 1 dribbling. We identified these key elements and decided to rebuild the game by starting with them.

Multiplayer: Can you also talk about user feedback which has influenced the development of the new PES?

Adam Bhatti: The feedback of the fans is very important to us. The response for PES 2014 was very different from what we had for PES 2013. Clearly, we were concerned that we were moving in a different direction from what the fans wanted, perhaps a little too different from what PES famous.

So for us, it's easy to listen to feedback because the players continually tell us what they think of our games, in good times and bad. But last year, it was more negative and we realised that we had to give them more attention and greater focus.

Sometimes we receive so much different feedback that we must decide based on what the majority of our players want. On the other hand, this year we have a new team in Windsor with its own ideas and plans, as well as the team in Japan who have previously worked on excellent football games.

In short, we must put all our knowledge to good use and make sure to listen to the opinions of our fans. One important thing in this sense is the launch of the game, because last year the fans thought we worked in a hurry. We don't want to give this feeling again, even if the game's ready in time for September or early as next month [August].

In the end, the game will be ready at the right moment. There is no need to worry about what will, or will not, be in the game. When it's ready, you can be assured that we will not have neglected anything.

Multiplayer: Can you explain, once and for all, the issues regarding the lack of several important licenses?

Adam Bhatti: For us, licenses are important. But at the moment, we are focusing on the gameplay. This does not mean that we do not want certain licenses.

The Premier League and Bundesliga, for example, are two important licenses which we do not have. If they were available, we would definitely consider them. We don't want our fans to think that these licenses do not interest us... they are very important.

But unfortunately, they are currently exclusive [to EA Sports]. We follow them [Premier League and Bundesliga licenses) constantly but usually we cannot take them. In short, I want the fans to understand that licenses interest us, but at the moment we are more focused on gameplay.

Klaus Ganer: My name is Klaus Ganer, I am Associate Director for Konami and I am part of the European team for PES 2015.

Multiplayer: What is your role in the European team for PES?

Klaus Ganer: I collect information on footballers and implement them into the game for all users.

Multiplayer: During the presentation, you said that the community will have a 'very active' role in the new PES? In what way?

Klaus Ganer: This year we are working with PES fans from all around the world to collect data - all of which will be integrated into the game. By working closely with the community, we will deliver an even better title.

Multiplayer: What does that mean in practice then?

Klaus Ganer: It means that we will update the players and teams every week, each time giving a game that's almost new.

Multiplayer: Can you confirm that the launch [of PES 2015] will come with all player transfers?

Klaus Ganer: All transfers will be updated every week.

Multiplayer: How do you usually synchronize with the Japanese team?

Klaus Ganer: One team is in Japan. But I personally have worked with the team who makes updates every week - we get together, we discuss and we decide the future of the game.

Multiplayer: How far is the detail, for example, if a player has a new haircut, the community communicates to you and then you implement it?

Klaus Ganer: We have several local editors who collect this type of data. We then integrate the changes into the game. We have created an online tool that allows our editors to gather information which will then be implemented each week.

Multiplayer: Will it also be possible to edit the stadiums, and then send the information using the same feature?

Klaus Ganer: We'll talk at Gamescom.

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