World Challenge, Data Pack 5 and Patch 1.10 now available on Xbox 360 and PS3

Published at 12:11 pm, Tuesday, 25 March 2014
Author: Mike Harvey |

UPDATE - Thursday 27 March, 8:35am: The World Challenge DLC has been released on both consoles. To begin your downloads, go here for PlayStation 3 and go here for Xbox 360.

UPDATE - Wednesday 26 March, 5:50pm: Confirmed by Adam Bhatti, the issue has been fixed and Data Pack 5 is now available to download on PS3.

UPDATE - Wednesday 26 March, 9:50am: Patch 1.10 has been released for PS3 users. As for Data Pack 5, Konami are aware of the "communication errors" and their development team are currently looking for a solution.

A day early, the latest Data Pack and title update have both been released for the Xbox 360 version of PES 2014.

Patch 1.10 includes gameplay improvements, new cheating measures for online play, and fixes for small issues related to Master League and MLO.

Konami said the option to purchase the new World Challenge DLC was to be unlocked with this patch, however, I can't see an option to do this - although don't forget its release date was originally set for March 26.

Meanwhile, Data Pack 5 adds kit updates for 9 national teams - including the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Ghana. Additionally, over 60 face updates have been implemented for players who, according to Konami, "may be called up in the near future" to the national sides of England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

DP5 also adds 11 new pairs of boots (scroll down for the full list) and also unlocks the Adidas Brazuca match ball. Fortunately, the Brazuca is NOT locked to World Challenge mode and can be used in Exhibition and Online Ranked matches!

As of this moment, this content is only available to Xbox 360. However, this post will be updated as soon as the situation changes.

A selection of new Data Pack 5 faces:

New Adidas Brazuca match ball (available in Exhibition and Online Ranked matches):

DP5 Boots List:

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