Konami release new tutorials as PES 2014 receives gamescom nomination [updated]

Published at 12:00 pm, Tuesday, 13 August 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

After being nominated for Best Sports Game at gamescom 2013, Konami have released their first two tutorials for PES 2014.

Tutorial 1: Ball Control

With more videos set to arrive later this week, the first looks at the new-and-improved ball control system, specifically looking at first touches, speed bursts, turns, advanced shooting and curved through balls.

Tutorial 2: Team Attacking Controls

The second tutorial looks at how users are now able to move their entire team up or down the pitch when taking goal-kicks. Custom tactics, Combination Plan and manual one-twos are also mentioned.

Tutorial 3: Heart

Heart has been introduced to encourage more giant-killings. In PES 2014, your player's motivation will rise after positive occasions - like scoring a match-winning goal - which may ultimately give you the edge over your opponent  On the other hand, if it's you who concedes the last minute winner, it'll be your players who'll lose motivation.

Over the course of the season, your fanbase will affect the motivation of your team. Fans will react to individual player performances so be sure to keep your fanbase happy throughout the season.

Tutorial 4: Defence

With the new MASS system coming into play this year, it will be vital to learn the defensive side of the game.

If you're planning to dominate the new-and-improved Master League of PES 2014, you'll have to know how to tackle, close down, block and slide, while also - if you need to - be willing to adjust your tactics and playing style.

Tutorial 5: Goalkeeper controls

You can now control every single player of your team - including your goalkeeper. Gone are the days of just holding down Y (or triangle) and hoping for the best.

It also looks like goalkeepers are now playable in Become A Legend. Skip to 00:32 and you'll see you're now able to order your outfield players to: pass, shoot and clear the ball.

We're still waiting for official confirmation. However, wind back to July 4th when Kei Masuda revealed an 11 versus 11 game mode was in its early production stage.

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