Jon Murphy: We have learnt from our mistakes

Published at 2:50 pm, Monday, 19 August 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

European PES Team Leader Jon Murphy claims the release of PES 2014 will see Konami introduce the largest amount of changes to the series in 10 years.

After admitting the PES 2014 journey has been an emotional mix of both excitement and nerves, Murphy has reassured fans the PES Team are "really proud" of what they've achieved so far, stating the new engine has made "a massive difference" which will be immediately noticeable when fans first try the game.

The new physics system - called MASS (short for Motion Animation Stabillity System) - will give PES 2014 "an almost endless amount of outcomes". According to Murphy, features like PES ID, Player ID and Heart will allow Konami to keep 'the feel of PES' by preserving "amazingly solid, satisfying gameplay".

Speaking on how PES 2014 is set to miss next-gen consoles, the PES Team Leader acknowledges the risk, however, is also quick to maintain that Konami want to continue to support the "current fanbase" (on current-gen technology) with "a great new engine".

Just bringing out a 'prettier version' of PES 2014 would be lazy and it wouldn't be right to ignore the game's loyal fanbase, according to Murphy. The next-gen step will be made once Konami can make use of the "new possibilities" which the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will bring.

Courtesy of Gamereactor TV, you can watch the whole interview below:

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