PES 2014 Community Day: Manorito Hosoda Q&A

Published at 11:00 am, Monday, 8 July 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

By attending last week's PES 2014 Community Event at Konami's new European HQ in Windsor, I was given a special opportunity to interview PES Marketing Producer Manorito Hosoda.

About 2 hours into the playtest, I was called into the conference room, accompanied by Xbox 360 option file editor Damian "Daymos" Winter and PESFan's Graham Day. We entered the room, sat down and were greeted by Manorito Hosoda and his female translator.

They both explained who they were and described their roles within Konami, and then, one by one, we each introduced ourselves. The translator, who was incredibly helpful, was different from last year's but I had already met Hosoda at the PES 2013 Community Event where he came across as a very friendly and approachable person -  and this time was no different.

As soon as I sat down, he looked at me, pointed at my shirt (an OPE logo t-shirt) and, smiling, asked, "What does it mean?" I replied and gave him a quick overview of the site's history. He seemed genuinely interested and very grateful, which, as a huge fan of the Pro Evo series, was quite overwhelming.

He then asked if I had a spare t-shirt so he could take one back with him to Japan. Sadly, I didn't pack any spares, and rather spending the rest of the day topless, I couldn't give him the one I was wearing. He then asked if he could take a photo of me wearing the shirt so he could "use it as motivation" for his colleagues back in Tokyo. It was a humbling - slightly surreal - experience that I will treasure forever.

Armed with lots of questions from the community, I was well prepared for the interview. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions, I couldn't ask every one, although I did try my best to get through as many questions as possible. For those wondering, the Q&A lasted for just over 26 minutes which was probably more than what I had originally expected. Of course, I appreciated being given such a rare opportunity, and with the very friendly atmosphere in the room, I don't think anyone got too upset with me when I started to brush off the 'this is the last question' requests!

Right, that's enough from me. I know what you're all here for. Here below is my Q&A with Manorito Hosoda. And located right at the bottom of the page are the 'extras' which I managed to find out throughout the day.

Manorito Hosoda PES 2014 Q&A:

Are there any plans to add a feature which will allow users to capture and upload their saved replays?
Not this year... because it takes up a lot of memory.

Do you have any plans to introduce handballs into the game one day? Not necessarily this year.
One day. We have to make the player have the intention of handball. There has to be something convincing for the users for the whole system around the handball feature. I would say this will be a challenge for PES 2015... I'll do my best!

Will teams of the Copa Libertadores and AFC Champions League be able to be used against European opposition in Exhibition Mode for PES 2014?
Not officially. But not in Exhibition. In 'League' mode, you will be able to put any team in that league - unofficially.

How many fake teams will there be for users to modify in Edit mode?
About 60. [We assume there will be 3 leagues of 20 teams]

Can you modify the number of teams in each league?
I don't think you can change it.

Will the size of squads increase? I support Arsenal and after Data Pack 6, my team had no reserve players in their squad... which made Master League a little boring.
I don't know the answer.

Will every fake team be able to be edited in Edit mode?
We're working on it right now. I will have to check with them [the team in Tokyo].

How often will teams be updated via DLC / Data Packs? Starting line-ups and squads?
I know it will be more often than last year. Ideally, we'd like to release an update immediately but we need approval from the hardware manufacturers. So we hope to shorten the lead time for the approval process. Also [in the past], we've had to pay the hardware manufacturers for the Data Packs. But this year, it's free. So obviously we'd like to update as often as possible, especially when there is a transfer.

But my concern is, not this year but next year, we're going to launch next-gen so we're going to allocate most of our manpower to that. Of course, we'll still allocate manpower to the Data Packs but we're not sure how we're going to balance it.

In PES 2013, when Data Packs are released, option files are badly affected. Squads and players are reset which forces editors to do another weeks' worth of work to correct everything. Will this change for PES 2014?
We haven't planned... so we will think about it.

Others things we found out throughout the day:

Heart will only work on offline game modes this year.

As well as Bayern Munich, fan mosaics will be available for other teams. However, the game's Edit mode will not allow users to use fan mosaics when creating teams. Hosoda said, "we hear such requests from others as well... so hopefully next year".

When creating a team's shirt in Edit mode, "all" parts will be able to be edited. Interestingly, Hosoda says the new process will be very similar to how Konami create their kits for licensed teams. Additionally, we were told these edits [entire option files?] will be "easier to share with other users".

When creating kits, users will be able to add more detail as Hosoda told us PES 2014 will introduce "bigger" kit resolutions (currently stands at 128x128). Hosoda said this has been done because Konami "have to prepare for the next generation". We were told an exact figure but we must wait before disclosing this information.

Last Thursday evening, in Episode 4 of Kei Masuda's PES 2014 interview, we were first told about an '11 versus 11' online game mode. Going on from this, Hosoda said users will be able to play matches with 10 of their friends. Alternatively, users can also randomly join another match room and play with 10 non-friends.

Speaking on the new system to combat online cheaters, Hosoda said he didn't have the full details so he couldn't be specific, but he assured us cheating "will be more difficult to do". Each time a cheater disconnects the match, "there will be some kind of penalty".

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