New code of PES 2014 confirmed for Friday's playtest

Published at 4:58 pm, Wednesday, 3 July 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have just confirmed they will be showing off a new code of PES 2014 at this year's PES European Community Event.

Kicking off tomorrow at Konami Europe's new HQ in Windsor, a select few - including members of the press and community leaders from a handful of European PES fansites - have been invited for their first hands-on session with PES 2014.

European PES Community Manager Adam Bhatti has said there's been an "impressive" number of improvements since the E3 code.

I won't be there until Friday, however, I've been promised around three hours with the game on the day - as well as a very special opportunity to interview PES European Leader Jon Murphy and PES Marketing Producer Manorito Hosoda.

Following on from our post earlier this week, we are urging all fans to send their questions in to us.

Whether it be for our Q&A with Jon Murphy and Manorito Hosoda, or you just want to ask something regarding the new gameplay, please make sure to send your question in to us before 5pm tomorrow evening using one of the two links below:

For those wondering, we are not allowed to record gameplay or to capture screenshots. But, the good news is that there is no embargo on our impressions - so expect a full write-up from me sometime next week.

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