Manorito Hosoda talks new engine and explains PES Team's move to UK

Published at 2:59 pm, Thursday, 18 July 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

A new day, and it's another interview with Manorito Hosoda and Jon Murphy. This time, it's Spong who sit down and discuss many interesting topics with the Konami duo.

To kick things off, the PES Marketing Producer explains why the Japanese publisher launched its new PES studio in the UK. After claiming Japan has a "very limited" knowledge of European football culture, Hosoda says Football Content Studios is a result from Konami's decision to "bring in a Western team that could help contribute a more local approach".

European PES Team Leader Jon Murphy reveals there are "around 20" people who make up the team at FCS, with James Cox (former Head of Development at PlayStation Home) at the helm. Although Murphy insists this number will continue to grow over the next few months.

The FCS Team only has a "supporting role" for PES 2014, however, Murphy confirms the team will evolve to a "programming level" for PES 2015.

With a new game engine coming into play this year, Hosoda admits it's been "rather challenging" for Konami to "keep the identity of PES", while also trying to implement "surprises" which will exceed the expectations of Pro Evolution Soccer fans.

As well as implementing superior graphics, Hosoda also reveals the new engine will improve efficiency which will allow Konami to react faster when dealing with feedback. With a new system in place, the team have focused on "repetitive trial and error" methods which has, according to Hosoda, allowed the PES Team to reach their goals.

Finally, Konami suggest the new engine will be used for new platforms like the Wii U. "It is simply about applying what we've already developed into a different format. We can develop one codebase, and apply that to new platforms", Hosoda confirms.


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