Konami release more PES 2014 screenshots throughout E3

Published at 7:49 pm, Tuesday, 11 June 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have released two brand new PES 2014 screenshots showing off TrueBall Tech, just one of six new elements which will be introduced into the PES series later this year.

Bayern Munich's Arjen Robben is shown taking on multiple players of Santos FC. The speedy Dutchman casually skips over a last-ditch - and seemingly unsuccessful - sliding tackle from a helpless-looking Arouca.

With more screens and trailers still to be unveiled, it's well worth sticking around for the first few hours of E3 just in case Konami start shouting early. Make sure to keep a close eye on our E3 2013 tag!

In other news, in just a few hours, media based at E3 will get an exciting hands-on with PES 2014. And I'm happy to confirm, there is no embargo for impressions. In other words, get ready to hear the early thoughts, first opinions and opening analysis from the lucky few who will be playing PES 2014 in Los Angeles later today.

UPDATE: Gamespot UK and the official PES Facebook page have published a handful of additional screenshots, all capturing the very impressive graphics which the new engine will bring. Take a look below:

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