Konami detail main features of PES 2014 in brand new video

Published at 8:16 pm, Friday, 28 June 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have released a video showcasing all the new features of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

The six-and-a-half minute video looks at The Core, TrueBall Tech, Heart, stadium atmosphere, goalkeeper AI, the new collision system, and much more:

The Core will deliver graphics of "next-gen equivalent quality", which adds realistic visuals from "emotional facial reactions" to streams of sweat running down players' faces.
Each stadium's characteristics are now visible. "Executed in detail", a ground's latitude and sunlight - at any given time - are now fully captured onto the field of play.
Graphics have received a huge overhaul, with textures now "finely created" for match balls, kits and even individual blades of grass.
Ball control has been expanded to 360° and to several metres wide. The concept of the 'Barycentre' has been introduced to allow users to be able to control a player's weight shift and the ball seperately at the same time.
TrueBall Tech allows matches to feel like real football. Movements have been adjusted to match the real game, and users are now given more freedom when defending. Ball movement has also been improved; low trajectories and the spinning of the ball are now possible. 
A new physics engine allows convincing player actions to be re-created allowing an ultra-realistic collision system.

All animations have been "completely overhauled". 
One-on-ones will now be determined by three factors: "choice, timing and direction". 
Team Play is a new system which introduces "organized defending systems". Your teammates will now react better in relation to the movement of the player that you're controlling.
Goalkeeper AI has been significantly improved, with stronger decision-making, better positioning and new-and-improved goalkeeper animations now available.
With the new Heart feature, home and away matches will differ. For example, player motivation - through the team's Emotion Level - will change depending on how you perform on the pitch. Emotion levels can affect a player's motivation, the noise of the crowd, and the in-game commentary. 
Compared to PES 2013, the number of players under the Player ID radar have been doubled for PES 2014. 
Users are now able to quickly change their set-piece taker by simply clicking the Select/Back button on their controller.
Konami say all the elements listed above "will lead into the beginning of a new era of football games".

With the series' new engine, how high are your expectations for Konami's next instalment? Make sure to post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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