Kei Masuda talks PES 2014 in four-part interview - League Mode, Edit Mode, Heart, '11 vs 11' and more

Published at 5:30 pm, Wednesday, 3 July 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

After an agonizing two-week break since the buzz of E3 2013, Konami have come to the rescue and have released a new-and-exclusive interview with Kei Masuda.

In the first part of the interview, the PES Productions Creative Producer discusses multiple new aspects of PES 2014, including the game's new collision system, ball control system, and how users will be able to take advantage of 'continuous play' during throw-ins.

We also receive confirmation that League Mode will be making its glorious return when Konami's new instalment is released later this year.

Episode 1 (Subtitles/captions must be turned ON):

In Episode 2 of the four-part interview, Kei Masuda discusses Player ID - which includes unique goal celebrations and characteristic playing styles - as well as Team ID, which has now been implemented thanks to a new feature called 'Squad Emulator'.

PES 2014 Edit mode has been expanded; more kit layers have been added so users will be able to edit the shirts, shorts, socks and captain armbands of a specific team.

Users will also be allowed to import images for sleeves, shorts and socks which, according to Masuda, will make it possible "to completely recreate actual football kits".

Episode 2:

In Episode 3, the focus is switched to, in my opinion, the most intriguing feature which has been introduced into the PES series this year.

Through player motivation levels, as well as the emotion level of your entire team, Heart will make your matches feel much more life-like.

Teams are now also affected by the stadium and its crowd. According to Kei Masuda, the idea is to "help illustrate the home and away feeling".

Episode 3:

In the fourth and final part of his interview, Kei Masuda talks about Online Play - stating that PES 2014 will feature an "improved" anti-cheating system which will help identify cheaters by "detecting the methods of cheating by analysing their matches".

Interestingly, Masuda also mentions how the PES Team are working on an '11 vs 11' game mode. Full details have not been released yet as the mode is only in its "production stage".

As we reported earlier today, users can now change clubs and manage national teams in Master League. Additionally, Online Legends mode has returned as Masuda confirms users can now take their Become A Legend players and use them for "online multi-user matches".

Finally, Master League Online will receive an "overhaul". The PES Creative Producer admits the current mode, which is "no longer enjoyable", needs to change as too many users have teams full of "superstars".

Episode 4: 

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