Konami to expand South American licenses for PES 2014?

Published at 11:26 am, Thursday, 7 February 2013
Author: Mike Harvey |

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Konami have released the results of a recent survey - put exclusively to their South American fanbase - which included a question asking fans for their favourite commentators from Argentina and Chile.

The most popular pairs chosen were Mariano Closs / Fernando Niembro and Patricio Yañez / Fernando Solabarrieta, respectively.

After being locked out of major European licenses, most notably the Premier League and Bundesliga, Konami have been forced to look elsewhere in recent years, much to the delight of their hugely-loyal fanbase in South America.

The PES Team have scooped the Copa Libertadores license, and more recently, the rights to include all 20 Brasileirão sides in this year's game - and by the sounds of it, Konami may be preparing to add at least one more league for the next PES title.

After narrowly missing out on the Argentine Primera División license last year, I personally believe Argentina's top tier will make its PES series debut in time for PES 2014.

Whether the Chilean Primera División, as well as two new commentating duos, will be added as well remains to be seen.

Source: WENB Spain

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