Summer transfers update coming to PES 2013 on October 11th

Published at 1:59 pm, Monday, 1 October 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have announced that the second data pack for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 will be available to download from next Thursday.

Data Pack 2 will incorporate all completed deals from the summer transfer window. Online modes will also receive a number of improvements.

Below is last month's press release detailing Data Pack 2 (we'll post a new one once we get it):

A second DLC pack will follow in mid-October, reflecting all summer moves and adding further stadia, UEFA elements, team updates, and online element updates. Detailed information will be released shortly.

The first update will be available in October and ramps up the online side of the game. It adds a Widget system that acts as a shortcut to gathering friends together for online matches and introduces a Ranking system. PES 2013 allows up to eight people to play in a match simultaneously, and the new download adds Community modes, wherein friends can be automatically selected from a pre-determined list, and allows Communities to track and monitor their results.

The free update unlocks the Incentives element of the myPES Facebook app, wherein achievements are rewarded and can be shown via the Social Networking service. Users can also now concede a match at half-time, while Master League Online fans will be paired against similarly-rated peers in a new Rival Ranking system.

Thanks to @pes_soccer for giving us the heads up.

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