PES Team explain PES 2013 crashing issues + release new Data Pack 2 details

Published at 3:09 pm, Saturday, 6 October 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Using the Online Information in-game menu, Konami have confirmed the reason as to why some users' screens were freezing whilst playing PES 2013.

PES 2013 will crash if your "Edit Data includes certain boots which were part of the third data pack of PES 2012".

Simply put, your game will crash if you have used the import prequel data option (although, from what we've learnt, this is only the case if you have also installed Data Pack 1).

The PES Team have suggested, "it would not be safe to use PES 2012 Edit Data on PES 2013" while also confirming users should delete the Edit Data file from their system if they are experiencing this problem.

Like we've experienced with our recent option file releases, this has been a significant problem for the PES community. However, after weeks of long editing sessions and sleepless nights, we are on the verge of finding a solution. You can stay up-to-date with our progress in the Editing & Option Files section on our forums.

In more positive news, Konami have posted the final details for this week's DLC release.

Data Pack 2 comes out on Thursday October 11th, and will include the following:

* Online Community mode will be added to implement the following features: 
1. Widget enables users to play other modes while waiting for opponents. 2. Maxiumum of 8 community members can join an online match.3. Maximum of 4 community members can form a team to play against another community team.  
* myPES [for PES 2013] will be made available. 
* Special Match added to earn bonus points on your win in Master League Online.
* Users will be able to give up at half-time in Quick Match.
* Tweaks will be made in various modes for a better gaming experience.

Data Pack 2 will also fix the problem where users on Xbox 360 were sometimes being forced back to the main menu when trying to log-in online.

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