Seabass working on another "PES related" game - but is he still part of PES 2013?

Published at 12:28 pm, Monday, 14 May 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka

We touched about this over the weekend, after @penpas posted a tweet on Friday evening suggesting that Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka may no longer be working on the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Renato Siqueira, who was in Brazil last week for the PES 2013 press tour, revealed that Seabass is now working on another title - a game "related to the PES franchise":

Whether he's still part of the PES 2013 team at Konami remains unclear; but this is certainly something that's going to spark a lot of debate within the PES community.

What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment below or join the debate on the forums.

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