Introducing the new Lead Developer of PES: Kei Masuda

Published at 4:53 pm, Thursday, 31 May 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Kei Masuda - PES 2013 Lead Developer

Kei Masuda, the new Lead Developer for PES 2013, has spent the last 14 years working as part of the PES Productions team.

The 35-year-old is, according to Konami, the man responsible for the game's exciting new direction.
"Football is very important to me, and my aim is to mimic the highs and lows it creates within the PES series. It is my aim to make the skills accessible to the world’s great players available to those playing PES, and that they can enjoy a game where variety, skill and excitement match those of top-level matches.

Kei Masuda with PES 2013 team at Konami

The Inter Milan fan, who is a regular viewer of football - and not just Inter - takes over the role of Seabass, who's now working on a 'new PES project'.
"I am always watching matches. But it’s the detail that fascinates me. I watch the way players move, the way teams react – even how the ball reacts to different kicks! I’m never off duty, it seems.
"It can change your day like nothing else. The build-up to a big match is a mixture of nerves and excitement, while the euphoria of seeing your team score a last-minute equaliser or winner, or the sinking feeling as your team hack away ball after ball as the opposition try and win it at the death are like nothing else.
"There’s something about the loyalty your team demands, too. If you partner treated you as badly as a club does at times, you’d walk away. But we stick with teams through thick and thin – and it is purely for those moments of utter joy."

In other news, I am delighted to announce I will be attending Konami's UK PES Community Day in London on Wednesday 13th June!

Next week, I will give you all a chance to submit your questions to me so we can conduct the first-ever OPE Q&A for PES 2013.

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