First-ever PES 2013 screenshot arrives

Published at 6:10 pm, Tuesday, 29 May 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

After releasing a handful of teaser screens last month, Konami have unveiled the first-ever in-game screenshot of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

PES 2013: First ever in-game screenshot

The PES 2013 embargo gets lifted tomorrow afternoon at 1pm, UK time, so expect loads of impressions, content and more information then.

We have lots planned for you guys, so if you want to stay up-to-date with everything PES 2013, we urge you check back here tomorrow at 1pm!

In addition to tomorrow's news, PES fans should also expect to receive some more PES 2013 details on Friday, with Konami's pre-E3 conference.

The show kicks off in the morning at 8am, UK time (we'll confirm the time on Thursday night) so get ready to set your alarms for the bright and early start.

Konami president Shinji Hirano has promised the conference "will dazzle fans and gaming enthusiasts with advance showings of new releases, exclusive game trailers and insightful interviews of key titles that will debut at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Hirano went on to tease "Konami have an incredible array of titles this year, and the pre-E3 show will give fans an early glimpse of what we have in store."

Please share your thoughts with us by posting your impressions on the OPE forums or in the comments section below.

Buckle up, it's going to be one hell of a week!

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