Cristiano Ronaldo talks PES 2013 with JVN

Published at 2:51 pm, Tuesday, 22 May 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Jeux Vidéo Network recently conducted an interview with PES 2013 cover star Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Real Madrid ace sat down with the French gaming website, where he discussed what it's like to be in a video game, what it's like working with Konami and most importantly, the superstar also shares his thoughts on PES 2013.

JVN: What is the most exciting thing when participating in a game like PES 2013? 
CR7: Just to be part of PES 2013 is a great thing for me. To be part of Konami is amazing, and especially this game, it's amazing. When you have the opportunity to see this game, you will find it very fun. It's a very good game and I'm very proud to be involved. 
JVN: Does Konami ask you for advice, for gameplay or stats for example? 
CR7: Shooting, dribbling... to be involved with them (Konami), when they ask me something about the game, I feel so happy that I can give my advice. Of course, we work together to make the perfect game. 
JVN: Who is the strongest; in-game Cristiano Ronaldo or the real-life Cristiano Ronaldo? 
CR7: Both! 
JVN: Do you play PES the same way as you play in real life? 
CR7: On PES, you can do more tricks, you can do more funny things. But while you are on the pitch, you have to concentrate and you have to do much simpler things. 
JVN: In your opinion, how does PES 2013 compare with real football? 
CR7: I think this game is close to real-life football. I do not know if you are aware of certain things, but shooting, dribbling and individual qualities are very close to real-life. This game will be amazing and I look forward to playing it with my nephews and my friends because I am 100% sure it's going to be fantastic. 
JVN: Which team do you play with on PES? 
CR7: Real Madrid 
JVN: ... And? 
CR7: I'm not going to say the other teams, but my favourite teams are Real Madrid and Portugal. 
JVN: What is it like to be in a video game? 
CR7: It's a great feeling. It's fantastic. When I was young, if people told me "you're going to be part of the game" I wouldn't have believed them. It's a good thing for me and I am proud to be in this game. 
JVN: Which team is hardest to play against on PES? 
CR7: I am not going to mention anyone in particular. Around the world, we have many good players. If  you choose one team, other teams will still have great players. It's like in real life; when you play against Barcelona, when you play against Milan, against Juventus too... the national teams of Spain and Germany as well, it's quite the same. 
JVN: Which do you prefer; FIFA or PES? 
CR7: PES is better. 
JVN: Why do you think that? 
CR7: Because it's more realistic.

Source: Jeux Vidéo Network

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