Pre-order PES 2013 and help support Only Pro Evolutions

Published at 10:05 am, Wednesday, 25 April 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Pre-order PES 2013 and get it early

Help support Only Pro Evolutions by pre-ordering PES 2013 through our affiliate links.

Shopto have always had an excellent reputation of delivering games early, so if you want to receive PES 2013 before the release date, make sure you order from Shopto using our links below:

PC | PS3 | Xbox 360 | Wii | 3DS

Once you've pre-ordered, make sure you drop us a message in this thread, stating which console your order is for so we can confirm who of you has ordered directly through us.

If you order through Shopto, you're very likely to receive PES 2013 early, before the official release date:

Like always, we will try to reward as many of our supporters as possible.

Therefore, everyone who orders PES 2013 through the above links will have the chance to win some fantastic prizes - PES 2013 freebies, exclusive give-aways and OPE store merchandise, it's all up for grabs!

When we get more news on our pre-order competition(s), we will let you know.

Stay tuned!

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