PES 2013 announcement in-bound?

Published at 8:29 pm, Thursday, 12 April 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

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This week has been very busy behind-the-scenes.

Normally, the majority of - if not all - information is kept under wraps. However, a few whispers have been scattered around the web from various people, all of whom are directly involved with the development of PES 2013, giving fans a few early hints regarding this year's hugely anticipated title.

In no particular order, here they are.

Konami have set up their official website for PES 2013 - while also stating that the site is "coming soon".

New commentary scripts are currently being recorded by Latin and South America commentators. Luis Garcia Postigo and Silvio Luiz revealed the news themselves using their own personal Twitter accounts.

The third-party video production company, famefabrik, tweeted saying that their "Madrid footage has arrived in Japan".

They also posted using the #CR7 hashtag, which all but confirms that Konami Japan received important footage involving Cristiano Ronaldo earlier this week.

Roughly translated, they also went on to say, "we produced the PES 2012 3D clip with Messi and Torres for the Nintendo 3DS. We produce other videos for Konami and PES too". And taking a look at their website, it's clear to see that their affiliation with Konami is genuine.

No doubt, the "Madrid footage" involving Ronaldo will go on to help create the official trailer for PES 2013 - or something else promo-related.

PES 2013 is now on the horizon.

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