Konami confirm manual shooting and passing for PES 2013

Published at 10:43 am, Tuesday, 24 April 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

PES 2012 | April DLC: Germany versus Spain

For those of you who sent your feedback to Konami, check your email inbox now; there's some exclusive PES 2013 news for you.

Using their 'thank you email', Konami have just confirmed that full manual shooting and full manual passing will both be present in PES 2013:

Many of you stated you prefer playing PES 2012 without use of any pass support. This inspired us to enable optional full manual passing and shooting. Thanks to new PES FullControl you can precisely place shots exactly where you want - if you can master the skills required of course!

They also confirmed that goalkeepers have been improved, while also admitting they were not "good enough" in PES 2012:

Many of you also criticized how long it takes to bring the ball back into play after the goalkeeper catches the ball. To address the situation we sought advice from pro keepers and worked hard on AI. The result: far more options, many new animations and even different play styles.

There's plenty more to come at 11am so don't go away just yet.

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