mikeharveyafc crowned OPE 360 champion for February

Published at 12:07 am, Tuesday, 6 March 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

After an exciting end-to-end match, mikeharveyafc was able to overcome l3ibm4re, with an aggregate score of 2-1.

Mike - who played as Cameroon and Ghana - won the first leg 2-0. However, Dave - who used Nigeria in both matches - was the one to score the goal of the tournament, putting away an unstoppable free kick with the last kick of the game in the 2nd leg, giving him a 1-0 win.

By winning tonight's final, Mike remains our Xbox 360 champion for another month!

However, Mike (me) has kindly given away his £25 prize to Dave - for being such a good sport and doing very well, getting all the way to the final.

This month's tournament has already begun, but you can still put your name down as a reserve, in case we need you to come in as a replacement.

To sign up as a reserve, simply post your PES Rankings username in the appropriate thread below

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