Want to be a Daymos V2 playtester?

Published at 12:27 pm, Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Calling all Xbox 360 fans, the next update of the Daymos option file will be out very soon.

Over the last couple of months, a tremendous amount of work has been put in and we're delighted to give some of you an exclusive insight, ahead of the release of V2.

As usual, we need a selected number of you to playtest the file, so we can ensure that V2 is as good as can be, before we release it to the general PES public.

If you're interested, you'll be pleased to know that signing up is simple. Just login to our forums and head to this thread - all the necessary details are there!

As soon as the file is 100%, we will put the file out there.

So until then, please do not spam us with questions about when the file will be made available. When it's ready, we'll tell you.

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