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Published at 4:01 pm, Tuesday, 24 January 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has just launched on OnLive!

To celebrate the game's release, the guys at OnLive are giving their fans a chance to win two tickets to watch an Arsenal match at the Emirates Stadium - amongst many other fantastic prizes, just for trying out the demo.

Here's what you have to do:
Gamers who play for 3 or more hours before 11:59 P.M. GMT 31 January will be automatically entered to win one of two Grand Prizes, a pair of luxury box seat tickets to a top-tier match at the Emirates on 10 March (note that the game's already been moved to March 12). Runners Up prizes include an Option 3 BT broadband line, with free broadband for 12 months (5 winners) and an OnLive Gaming Pack, including the winner's choice of an OnLive Game System or a recently released Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, Full PlayPass to any game (excluding pre-order promotions), OnLive beanie and PES t-shirt (3 winners).
Gamers who play the free demo or play for less than 3 hours before 11:59 P.M. GMT 31 January will be automatically entered to win one of 10 OnLive Gaming Packs, including a Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, a copy of PES 2012, an OnLive beanie and PES t-shirt.
UK fans, get the details on how to enter - and what you can win here.
US fans, your rules and prizes are here.

Here's the main facts about the OnLive edition of PES 2012:

  1. You can spectate. With the OnLive Arena, you’ll be able to watch matches between friends and strangers, and even add your own commentary over voice chat.
  2. You can show off. Snap a Brag Clip™ video of the play that brings the crowds to their feet and post it on Facebook for the real world to see.
  3. You never have to stop. Seriously, this is awesome. With the new OnLive app for Android tablets and smartphones, you can stream your OnLive games to almost any device you have on hand and pick up playing wherever you left off. Since we just released our Universal OnLive Wireless Controller, you can even control the action exactly the same way on your PC, Mac, TV, tablet or smartphone by just bringing that one controller with you.

Go here to check out the full details for both competitions.

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