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Published at 12:15 pm, Wednesday, 4 January 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

After weeks of waiting, and resisting the urge to reveal all, we're incredibly excited to announce the OPE Zavvi Online Cup!

The tournament, which will be contested on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 every month, will be contested by community members, supporters and fans of Only Pro Evolutions.

Here's the rules and guidelines of the competition.

  • Two tournaments every month - One on PS3 and another on Xbox 360. Each tournament will begin on the 1st of each month and will end in the last week of that same month.
  • Prizes - overall winners will receive a £25 Zavvi voucher.
  • Players - Minimum of 8 participants for each monthly tournament - if less than eight people sign up, the tournament will still go ahead but we won't be able to offer you the prize.
  • Tournament format - Competitions will vary each month. Tournament restrictions will also come in to play. For example, club teams only, international teams only or no "big teams" will be available. See the individual event thread to see how each tournament will be run.
  • What do you need? As well as a valid PSN/Xbox Live account, all users must also be registered on PESRankings and the OPE forums. A Twitter account is also recommended. If we need you to play, but you make it hard for us to contact you, we may be forced to boot you from the competition.
  • Who can play? Everyone - even if you live outside the UK, you're still able to sign up. However, please be aware that Zavvi are unable to deliver to certain countries. Please read this for more information.

Use the following links to sign up to the January OPE Zavvi Online Cup

Good luck - and may the best man win!

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