Guide: Using your weaker foot when shooting on PES 2012

Published at 12:55 pm, Monday, 2 January 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have posted yet another guide. This time, they explain how important it is to appreciate your players' statistics, when you're about to take a shot.

The fourth part of our goal kick tips explains how the player abilities “Weaker foot accuracy” and “Weaker foot frequency” influence goal kicks.
Only a few footballers can shoot equally well with both feet. PES 2012 reflects this by assigning each virtual athlete a “stronger foot” for achieving the best shot.
Left or right foot?
In most cases, the right foot is the stronger one, meaning that a shot with the weaker foot tends to be not as successful. This is determined by the “Weaker foot accuracy”, found in the player stats on the formation screen.
The maximum value for this stat is eight. A player with such qualities can shoot the ball with his seemingly weaker foot without penalties to accuracy or power.

Keep an eye on the player stats!
Even with a value of six points in this category, you can often achieve successful goal kicks. With five or less points, the shot becomes a game of chance.
The “Weaker foot frequency” stat determines how often a player shoots using his weaker foot. A very low value means that he will try to use his stronger foot, even with an unfavourable alignment to the goal.
You should take your time tom memorize the stronger feet or at least the “Weaker foot accuracy” stats of your players responsible for goal kicks. A few minutes on the training ground can work miracles: Watch how the players shoot the ball in different goal kick situations to get a feel for it.

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