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Published at 3:05 pm, Monday, 20 February 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

I’m going to use this chance to take a break from the norm at OPE – I know you’re used to getting straight to the facts, or picking up the latest bit of information, but I’ve decided to take this opportunity to shell out some deserved praise.

It’s been a pleasure to watch Only Pro Evolutions grow over the last few years. A community can never have too many voices – but it does become increasingly harder for the smaller voices to be heard once there are established authorities in a community, unless you put the work into making yourself heard. OPE has done exactly that.

I watched the blog grow from what was essentially a personal project from founder, Mike, into one of the larger names in the PES community – and took a keen interest in its development from day one. I didn’t know Mike, I wasn’t affiliated with the site in any way – but I couldn’t help but be charmed by the work he was producing.

It wasn’t the quality of writing that entranced me (which, as you can see, is faultless), instead it was the frequency of posts – with news being added on a daily basis, sometimes two or three pieces in the space of a few hours. Don’t get me wrong, some were only a few lines analysing the latest reply/tweet from Jon Murphy – but the effort put into finding that titbit of news was overwhelmingly endearing.

I love PES, I always have. If ever there was a person that could be classed as ‘addicted’, then you’re looking at him (or reading his words, at least).

I’m also the News Editor of – something that I do purely out of love of the series, but my work with OPE is different. I have always been ready to help, where I can, not just because I love PES – and the fantastic community it has, but because the effort that OPE puts in is second to none, and that hard work has ultimately lead to OPE becoming one of the most exciting, and active PES community sites.

Now, into 2012 – a year that promises to be hugely significant for OPE. Last year saw the introduction of the OPE forums – which quickly racked up thousands of posts; the creation of the OPE store and T-shirt range; and also the start of an official partnership with the award-winning Xbox 360 option file editor, Daymos.

This year looks set to carry on that development at the same blistering pace – 2012 has only just begun and Only Pro Evolutions has already hosted multiple sponsored tournaments, in partnership with Zavvi and PES Rankings, and Daymos has already released version 2 of his sensational option file.

Whether you obtain your PES fix from the wider community, as I do, or whether you choose to stick to one main source of information (be it PESFan, WENB, PES Gaming, Evo Web or any other), you can’t deny that the quality of OPE’s work has turned it into a voice that, isn’t only worth listening to, but a voice that gets heard.

As mentioned, 2012 will be massive for OPE – and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow.

by Graham Day | Follow him on Twitter

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