Daymos Option File: V2 Released! [Download Links & Tutorial]

Published at 12:30 pm, Monday, 16 January 2012
Author: Mike Harvey |

Option file features and details:

The file is V1.5, with the following improvements and changes implemented:

  • Bundesliga & npower formations & lineups updated (credit to Edu Madrid and MisterRaph).
  • Red Bull Salzburg and Anderlecht have been added (credit to Edu Madrid and MisterRaph).
  • Updated kits for all national teams (99% of the international teams have been edited to the same quality as the club teams).
  • All teams have updated stadium assigned - with close likeness.
  • All Bundesliga, Salzburg and Anderlecht players have correct faces and updated stats.
  • Revised line-ups for npower Championship and Bundesliga.
  • Balls adequated to each league (respecting our limitation to models).
  • Corrected names of all fake international players (except a few Asian teams - China, Bahrain, Iran).
  • Duplicate players removed.
  • Henry and Ronaldo added.
  • Newcastle Virgin Gaming sponsor added.
  • Some Bundesliga players with updated boots.
  • New FA Cup emblem added.
  • New players in Bundesliga and Npower squads.
  • Some updated transfers, including Gary Cahill to Chelsea and Alex to QPR.
  • Watch this video to see all club and international kits in V2.

Due to Konami's restriction on emblems slots, you will have to download either one of the following two files.

Download links:

IMPORTANT: Go to this thread to see full details and alternative download options - smaller files with a much quicker and easier installation process.

Please also use this thread to share your feedback so improvements can be made for the next version.

Both files will have a fully-licensed Liga ZON Sagres, but the npower Championship emblems or Bundesliga emblems will be limited.

Installation tutorial:

Go to the option file thread to read the installation tutorial.

If you run into trouble, post your problems in this thread and the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have bought a USB from Daymos, please check your email inbox for the easy-to-install file, which has already been sent to you.


The squads of Bolton, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers may need updating. These are the only teams that need a manual update. For some reason, when we added Cahill to Chelsea and Alex to QPR, the squads of the associated teams became scrambled.

If you want to fix the squads manually, please use our guide here.

We will fix these issues in time for the release of V3 - expected to be out next month, depending on when Konami release their January transfers DLC.

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