Tutorial: Shot power on PES 2012

Published at 2:13 pm, Wednesday, 28 December 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have posted up another tutorial. This time, they explain the vital implementation of shot power.

The second part of our goal kick tips deals with the shot power gauge.
Apart from the correct alignment of the player, the shot power gauge is another factor that influences the likelihood of the ball hitting the goal.
The shot power gauge is displayed below the player in possession of the ball when you press the shot button. The longer you keep it pressed, the higher the trajectory will be.

The shot gauge influences the trajectory
Have a look at this illustration (above), showing how the trajectory of the ball changes on three different shot power levels.

Let us go into detail now: Inside the penalty box, it is often enough to give the button a short tap because the shot power is only influenced indirectly by the length of you pressing the button, leading to a successful low shot.

However, if the ball is to cover a longer distance, it must have a higher trajectory since every contact with the field slows it down. So, a very low shot from a distance could become less dangerous before reaching the goal or being easily cleared by the defenders.

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