Tutorial: How to score on PES 2012

Published at 12:30 pm, Monday, 26 December 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have posted up a tutorial, sharing their advice on how to score on PES 2012.

The following tips deal with shots and the things you have to keep in mind regarding posture and position.
Besides the Shot Accuracy and Shot Power stats, the player’s position towards the goal is one of the most important factors when preparing a shot.

Align the player as well as possible
If the attacker faces the goal directly, the more likely a successful shot will be performed. The more the player has to turn his body while taking the shot, the less accurate and powerful the shot will be.
In this regard, the picture above is very important: Shots taken in a 90-degree angle will always be precise and powerful.
If the ball is aimed in a direction outside of this ideal zone, the probability of hitting the goal diminishes. Shots towards the area directly behind tend to be the least successful ones.

Special rules in the penalty area
Of course, there are occasions when you do not have enough time to better align the player.
And in some situations – with a forward getting the ball in the six-yard box facing away from the goal, for example – a shot while turning can be the only feasible solution before a defender clears the ball, particularly as accuracy and shot power are not of the highest importance anymore.
Nonetheless, it is important to know how the alignment influences the resulting shot. As a rule of thumb, align the player with the goal as well as possible whenever you get the chance.

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