Patch 1.03 set for December 15th Release

Published at 8:23 pm, Friday, 9 December 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

The next update for PES 2012 will be released next week.

Roughly translated from the official Winning Eleven website, here is confirmation of what the patch will entail:

We plan to deliver the patch file on December 15, 2011. Apply the patch file contents are as follows:
- To improve and respond to the goalie long shot.
- Skill Card “Speed ​​Star” to correct the effect. (The effect was too strong to make adjustments).
- Change the search criteria for on-line mode opponent. (“Free Match” to “search pass level” change)
- Modify the behaviour conditions in online mode to stop certain circumstances.
- As you make adjustments to play better – Various modes.

This information confirms what we told you earlier this week. Additionally, it's great to read that condition arrows will be tweaked for online play.

Enjoy your weekend.

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