Be careful what you wish for

Published at 12:31 pm, Tuesday, 13 December 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

We're only a few days away from getting our hands on the last PES 2012 patch for this calender year. After a fairly ropey start, and after releasing a number of necessary updates, Konami have given us a product that looks finished.

Ever since the highly-enjoyable playtest I was at in London last July, I've always loved playing PES 2012. However, as time's gone by and with each patch release, the game has improved. But naturally, there's always going to be progress with continuous work from such a hard-working and dedicated team.

The release of patch 1.03, yet again, demonstrates how the PES team at Konami still possesses a large focus on this year's game - despite the fact that a fair bit of work needs to be done for next year's title.

Some have, and will continue to demand that these issues should have been fixed in-time for the original release of the game. But in this day and age, I have to disagree with these outbursts.

Yes, in an ideal world, version 1.00 should have been perfect. But I think everyone is able to admit that, in reality, this scenario very rarely (perhaps never) happens now - what with the luxury of being able to release updates throughout the entire year, via patches, as well as DLC.

Moving on to my main point, it's quite unbelievable to read some of the demands from certain members of the community. Recently, my Twitter account has been flooded with suggestions for PES 2013.

However, this isn't the problem.

In addition to the level-headed suggestions for 2013, fans of the series have also submitted demands for PES 2012, some of which, have literally no chance of being implemented.

If you want things like new commentators, new licensed teams and leagues or a complete re-work of goalkeeper animations and shooting physics, you're only going to end up disappointed. Some people are yet to realise that it takes a lot of time, testing, effort and money - all of which comes down to the all-important factor of opportunity cost.

If Konami were to spend the next 3 months "correcting" PES 2012, would the fans who are moaning at the moment, be happy with another "rushed and half-finished game" when PES 2013 is released?

Releasing patches is an incredibly delicate process. If you change one thing, then in turn, you will have to change many other things to balance the game out once again. For example, if the shooting was re-worked, there would have to be significant changes made to goalkeeper animations, defender reactions, ball physics, shooting animations - the list goes on.

To complete the job, you're only given a small window to create, test and implement these changes. If you want to avoid compromising your entire workload, you've got to appreciate that some things just aren't possible.

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