Tutorial: How to do the Base Copy Trick in PES 2012 [Video]

Published at 4:00 pm, Sunday, 13 November 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

The base copying trick is the method of taking a face or hairstyle from a player that's already been created, and allocating that face or hairstyle to another player, to increase the realism of your game.

Here's our tutorial, showing you how to perform the base-copy trick in PES 2012.

This method also works on PES 2011. We found out about this trick last year, but it's taken us this long to upload a quality and professional video for you.

The best example of when to use this trick would be to base copy Cristian Chivu of Inter Milan, and then take his rugby helmet to improve the realism and appearance of Chelsea's Petr Cech.

For more examples, please visit the Base Copying thread on our forums.

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