Patch 1.02 explained by Konami

Published at 1:16 pm, Wednesday, 9 November 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

On the official PES 2012 website, Konami have explained and detailed the latest patch, which was made available for fans to download on Monday.

Here's what Jon Murphy had to say:

On the Gameplay side, we’ve enhanced some aspects we consider very important at this moment, and which will result in a more challenging and realistic interactive football experience:

The structure of GamePlan menu is changed for better usability. This will allow you to set-up your usual options and GamePlan changes quicker, with more time to play matches.
- GK actions are improved in general. You’ll feel this from the very beginning, the movements and reactions of the goalkeepers will be enhanced and now scoring, particularly from certain areas will be more challenging.
- The grounder Free Kick used to easily go through the wall. Now, it’s been made less successful, so you cannot count on this anymore. So, step up your free kick game and I suggest you watch this great Free Kick Tutorial for PES 2012:
- Success ratio of penalties has been properly adjusted. I know this might not please everyone, but the chances are now more realistic as we aim to be the best soccer simulation we really had no choice on this.
We’ve also addressed some technical issues and hope you’ll see the benefit of a more fluent gaming experience.
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Personally speaking, I’m really happy the team changed all these points so quickly, as they really want to deliver you the best possible product! Many thanks again to all our supporters and their feedback!
I’ll now get back to my Jetlag.

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