Konami: We're not on the back foot

Published at 5:07 pm, Thursday, 10 November 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Speaking to Eurogamer, European PES team leader Jon Murphy has admitted that "in the UK", the PES series has "lost ground," - however, he went on to insist that the stats do not "give us the full picture across all territories".

"I think right now, there's been a fair bit of manipulation of statistics to suit people". These words were in response to EA's Keith Ramsdale, who said that "on it's first weekend, like-for-like, we've (FIFA) outsold PES by 25 times".

Murphy also said "When you say 'on the back foot', I totally disagree. We're now on the front foot in terms of quality of product and in terms of innovation. We believe sales will follow".

According to PS3Exclusive, the sales of PES 2012 on the PS3 have contributed heavily to the worldwide sales of this year's title:

This tweet was originally posted on October 22nd

The sales of PES on the Xbox 360 have never been impressive - and it appears that this year's figures are no different.

However, we can confirm PES team at Konami are currently putting an increased focus on the 360 version, enforcing their intentions of improving the situation on the Xbox 360.

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