WENB Share Review Code Impressions

Published at 3:54 pm, Tuesday, 13 September 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

WENB have posted up their impressions for the review code of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

Below, are a few snippets we've highlighted from their excellent, well written and very in-depth article.

"It’s been a tough few weeks for us here at WENB. Simply put we’ve been torn to talk or write about anything to do with review code beyond our last podcast. We’ve divulged about gameplay, and explained just why PES 2012 is turning out to be to be one of the best football games ever created. Problem is, that’s as much as we want to say.

"... I’m completely in love with PES 2012. It’s a game that has gripped me in a way unlike in previous years, and hasn’t made me wish I was playing another football game."

To read their full impressions, go here.

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