Konami's Official Guide to myPES

Published at 6:29 pm, Thursday, 29 September 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Konami have posted a step-by-step guide, on their official PES page, informing PES 2012 fans on how to start their myPES campaign.

With the upcoming release of PES 2012 (depending where you are), myPES is set to make it's debut in Pro Evolution Soccer next month, and will prove to be an incredibly useful addition for PES fans from all around the world.

myPES is a Facebook app, which will be used to keep track of all online and offline matches between two human players. The app will be available on PES 2012 for all PS3, 360 and PC users.

If you're lucky enough and already have your copy of PES 2012, you'll be pleased to know that the myPES beta is already up and running.

The full version of myPES will be released soon and will include many more features - such as the option to get comprehensive statistics, earn special badges or create your own groups and private leagues!

Click here to read Konami's guide on how to get your myPES career started.

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