First Master League Online Details Arrive

Published at 12:07 pm, Tuesday, 6 September 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Jon Murphy has revealed the first details regarding Master League Online mode for PES 2012.

This year, MLO will see the introduction of player contracts. Players who perform consistently well will also be rewarded with high condition arrows.

To achieve in MLO this year, it's clear that your players will have to play well consistently. The player contracts feature is a solid step forward too, which will also increase the realism of the gamemode thoroughly.

Some may argue that player growth should be in, but in my opinion, I'm glad that Konami aren't going to let the hardcore players dominate the gamemode and ruin it for the more casual gamers.

Rightly so, users who put serious game time into the gamemode will still be rewarded, but I believe no player, of any quality, should have perfect statistics and an overall rating of 110.

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