Download The PES 2012 Demo Tonight [PS3]

Published at 7:41 pm, Tuesday, 23 August 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Like last year, you PS3 guys will be pleased to know that you'll be able to download the PES 2012 demo tonight!

All you have to do is create an American or Japanese PSN account, so you can acquire early access to the demo.

We haven't got an exact time yet, but we will give you guys a heads up on here - you should also follow us on Twitter too, if you want a quick-direct contact with us.

UPDATE: There is a "problem" within the US PSN, regarding the PES 2012 demo. I don't know the full details but someone is in trouble, apparently. It still may come out at some point tonight, but I can't promise anything.

If it doesn't come out tonight, and you still want to get early access to the PES 2012 demo, then I suggest you make a Japanese PSN account and set your alarm for 5am (English time) and download it then, when it's scheduled to be released on the JPN PSN.

I have to get up in the morning, so I will suggest that you follow Adam Bhatti on Twitter for updates regarding these early demo releases.

Enjoy the demo, and remember that class is permanent.

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