PES 2012 Impressions Fly In From Brazil

Published at 4:39 pm, Friday, 15 July 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

TechTudo, a technology website from Brazil, have been lucky enough to play PES 2012 already, and have also been kind enough to upload their initial impressions up onto their website.

Here are their thoughts, translated into English below.

The TechTudo had the opportunity to test the demo version of one of the most anticipated titles of the year: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (popularly known as PES 2012).

But before talking about the great new features found in PES 2012 is important to warn that this version is still very early, which means it will not be revealed here is nothing new with regard to the modes of play or what will be the licensed teams and leagues.

Artificial Intelligence and refined gameplay

Starting with the gameplay in PES 2012 a lot has changed over the previous title, thanks to new elements of artificial intelligence and physics of the game, the first being the subject of much concern by the development team at Konami.

For this, they developed the Active AI (artificial intelligence system of the game) that has revolutionized the way the game is known. As its name implies, the AI ​​is always alert, ie, players are now endowed with more intelligence and more informed decisions regarding the marking and positioning to get rid of opposition. This improvement has just one time with the player's problem "lost" within the field, the target of many complaints from fans.

Another point that will positively surprise is the feeling that the game passes when we are in control. Finally the players are lighter and full of possibility with regard to the control of the ball. Forget it takes to dominate the ball and move the arm, thanks to Active AI everything happens much faster and more fun.

Visual fancy

The graphics in PES 2012 are impressive. While previous editions they were already good, the most fervent fans of Pro Evolution Soccer will not be disappointed with the new version. Highlight for beautiful lighting effects and highly detailed players.

The animations in computer graphics that show the entry of teams on the field, performing songs and heating of the athletes still in the game, but still spend an artificial sense, contrary to what happens when the game is going on.

Other elements

The collisions between players, the entries tougher, strollers and other external elements, such as referees and coaches are very realistic and help make the experience very real. It's hard not to lose concentration on the game for a few moments to notice small details, such as agitation of the bench players.

The launch is scheduled for October / November and the development team still has a lot of work to do, but this preliminary version we tested served to show that the title is on track to give fans a football game even more real and leave the competition even more worried.

And as promised by Konami few days ago, this week presented the first videos of this gameplay, in which instead of presentations, teasers and images that do not show anything new, we can finally see it: the game rolling.

PES 2012 will have versions for the major consoles, as well as menus entirely in Portuguese, in addition to the confirmed presence of Silvio Luiz Mauro Beting as narrator and as a commentator.

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