Messi No Longer PES Cover Star

Published at 1:01 pm, Wednesday, 20 July 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Lionel Messi will not be the cover star for PES 2012.

Here's the relevant piece from the official press release;

“This is the start of a major new era for PES,” added Murphy. “In the coming weeks we will detail more on how the ever-popular Master League has evolved, and will be unveiling the new face of the series. With PES moving ever upwards, it is time for an equally high profile and skilled cover star. The new player has all the attributes of the new game, in that he is a strong all-rounder, skillful, fast, and capable of making magic happen on-field. We have had a wonderful three years working so closely with Lionel Messi and thank him for his efforts and support. He has been key in the evolution of the series, and we wish him all the best.”

Personally, I'm a little disappointed. He was - and still is - the best player in the world, for me. I know it's not an important thing at the end of the day, but I'm still a little upset that Messi won't be the cover star from now on.

Since Messi is the face of OPE as well, this also means we will have to change our designs too... Nice one, Konami!!

Early reports are suggesting that PES 2008 cover star, Cristiano Ronaldo will be the cover for PES 2012.

However, do Konami have a surprise up their sleeves. Like we suggested in May, could Fernando Torres be the replacement for Lionel Messi?

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