Konami Have "Nailed" PES 2012...

Published at 5:36 pm, Friday, 15 July 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Massive news coming in from the Winning Eleven Blog camp.

Adam Bhatti posted on the WENB boards, suggesting that this will be the year that will see Konami leapfrog EA Sports, with the release of PES 2012.

Check these direct quotes from Adam himself;

Guys I thought I'd pop in here and say Konami have nailed PES 2012.

Preview code has hit some place, mine is around a week away, and trusted sources are telling me the games has come on another level. We're talking shooting, keepers, more added animations (don't take it as FIFA level, its not) etc, the game is loads better.

Also, there's some huge announcements coming at Gamescom. So huge, that I can't describe how happy I am. We're talking modes and licenses. When you hear, you will cry with joy.

But I've been sworn to secrecy, so much so I can't even hint. But it's better this way, Gamescom will be incredibly epic. PES is back, in a way not many are expecting.
Of course, we're not going to get ahead of ourselves, as we haven't even played the game yet (just!). But we can't hide from the fact that this game is sounding more and more promising each day.

We just need Gamescom to come now, as that will be the time when the proper announcements are released to the public.

Dissect the quotes and tell us what you think, by leaving a comment below or posting in our forums.

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