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Published at 3:43 pm, Tuesday, 19 July 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Unfortunately, the impending PES 2012 announcement that was due to be released this week, has been leaked.

We don't condone activity such as this, but seeing as the word is out on pretty much every PES website and community, we have made the decision to allow the new feature to be discussed on our forums.

Moving on swiftly, it looks like it's going to be a very, very busy few weeks for the Pro Evolution Soccer series, with PES 2012 announcements coming in thick and fast from all angles, across the next calender month.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that I've been tweeting a lot today, posting direct quotes from the "PES messiah", Adam Bhatti.

It appears that my followers have been totally overwhelmed with PES 2012 today, so I have decided to publish this article, so that all of our fans are kept up to speed with the situation.

Here below, are a selection of quotes from Adam - taken from the WENB boards.

"Think big. Think outside the box. PES 2012 is everything you wanted."
"There's so many announcements, yet to be spoken of. Game modes, edit mode, online, licenses and other big marketing stuff (cover, demo, release date), so just be aware if you haven't already heard about a feature yet, it's not a million miles away."

Adam also went on to reveal that Konami are still waiting to reveal one big announcement, regarding the PES 2012 Edit mode.

"There will be a big announcement on edit mode."

At this moment in time, I am unaware of the full details of these announcements. But one thing's for sure. Konami have some big, big surprises for us this year.

It seems the majority of announcements will be revealed at Gamescom, but don't be surprised if Konami decide to drop some details between now and then.

As for the announcement that has been leaked, an official word (a video with a proper explanation) will be made from Konami later in the week.

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