Champion & Beglin Remain For PES 2012

Published at 8:34 pm, Thursday, 21 July 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

We can confirm that Jon Champion and Jim Beglin will be the commentary team for PES 2012.

This isn't really news, as it's been out in the open for a while now...

However, we decided that it would be beneficial to the entire community, if everyone had concrete evidence that they could use for future reference, regarding the English commentary team for PES 2012 - my Twitter has also been flooded with fans asking me to reveal this piece of news!

The PES team at Konami have made major improvements to the matchday atmosphere, so it's safe to expect slight improvements in the commentary. But we urge you not to assume radical improvements will be made to the commentary for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

With the PES Rankings UK Main Event going on behind us, we aren't in a position to share any of our opinions on the commentary. There was a lot of background noise being created by the contestants of the Main Event, and because of that, we didn't get a chance to hear the new commentary.

Although, we can suggest to you now that the commentary isn't going to be anything special, as Konami have prioritized other things ahead of improving the commentary on PES.

From my point of view, we have no problems with this. Konami have made the right decision, in my opinion.

I'd much rather see them develop the gameplay, improve the artificial intelligence, and also evolve existing game modes, as well as adding new ones that at the end of the day, will give PES 2012 the chance to become a legendary game.

As you know, they've achieved all of the above tasks mentioned. An easy risk-free sacrifice, that has led us to put our full support in Konami.

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