A Roundup of PES 2012 Information

Published at 6:30 pm, Wednesday, 8 June 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

It's been a VERY busy day in the world of Pro Evolution Soccer, and we're doing our best to keep up with the news that is flooding in from all angles.

My Twitter timeline has been bombarded with PES 2012 relating tweets, and it's been hard to acknowledge every one.

So in the interests of everyone, I thought it would be beneficial for every PES fan if I were to collate every decent PES tweet and store it in one location - via this blog post obviously!

Here below, are the facts (and some opinions too!) of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

Player models now look great in widecam. New levels of detail, with brand new lighting for day and night settings.
Goalkeepers have been improved, and "are very good, even at this stage".
Cursor change is fixed. L1 works great, although now you can change player with the right stick like in FIFA.

Referees have been fixed! They play the advantage rule well, while also book players after play stops!

We have been told that linesmen can make mistakes - on purpose!

Shooting is more like the older games. More control, and result make more sense. New shooting animations, and new ball physics. Shooting feels great, especially with the feeling of when the player hits the ball.
Precision shooting has been improved, but it's been said that the shots still lack power.
Graphical detail matches/surpasses PES 2010. Finally no more inconsistency like PES 2011.
In-game atmosphere is more intense. Players will experience a heightened matchday experience.
New broadcast cam is "wonderful". It shows more of the pitch, and sits still like traditional widecam. The camera sitting still means less zooming, always giving you a perfect view of the pitch.

While you are playing the game, you can now see substitutes warming up, managers moving, and ground staff/cameramen walking around the pitch.

There can be no word on commentary, because there isn't any on the current code.

Grass looks more brilliant. Different cuts for different stadiums promised and different camera angles for different stadiums.

Running animations are back. So players like Messi and Ronaldo have their own, and there are tonnes more that you can assign.

Crossing is similar to PES 2011, but feels different thanks to new ball physics. Not a massive change though.

The hardest difficulty is "tough". New defensive AI makes it tough to break top teams down - "first match, no shots on goal".

The catch up bug has gone! Quick players can now stay ahead and can get away from slow players.

Stumbling animation has gone, as you always stay in control of players at all times. 100% more responsive.

Players fend off opponents via off-the-ball movements. It looks more realistic, but not over physical. Eg, can see collisions at corners.

Foul animations look much more realistic. Collision system is "fantastic".

Knuckleball is still in.
There will be no auto kick-off.
For throw-ins and goal kicks, you can now select the player you want to pass to by flicking the right analogue stick.

Currently, there is no news regarding the public PES 2012 beta. Konami will announce details at a later date.

If you're wondering about official licensing for PES 2012 and gameplay videos, details regarding this will be announced at a later date. Konami will also reveal new gamemodes in the run-up to the game's release, but not now.

    Finally, Adam and Suff from WENB will be playing PES 2012 again next Thursday on the 16th June. They've also got a new podcast coming out very soon!

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