Next Batch Of PES 2012 Details Emerge

Published at 3:14 am, Friday, 3 June 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

Here is the video of the earlier pre-E3 conference hosted by Konami, in it's entirety. 

Skip to 10:38 to start watching and listening to the Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 stuff.

There's an interview with Seabass, where he explains the next improvements such as off-the-ball movement and one-on-one situations, amongst other things. Lionel Messi also drops in to say a few things about how you guys can get more involved with the making of PES 2012.

Expect much more information to be released at the main E3 event next week (7-9 June). I hope this video puts you in a good mood, ahead of the Expo which will be dominating our headlines this time, next week.

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