Jon Murphy: We Will "Smash" FIFA

Published at 11:27 am, Thursday, 30 June 2011
Author: Mike Harvey |

PES team leader Jon Murphy has issued a statement of pure confidence, in an exclusive interview with CVG UK.

Jon was at the CVG UK HQ yesterday, where he revealed that he believes that PES will "smash" FIFA, in terms of gameplay, at least.

"I really do believe that the offering we've got this year will pull some fans back from the competition. Perhaps we'll see another year when people buy both games, but after six months, we want to make sure they trade-in only one of them - and it's not ours.

"FIFA has the atmosphere, the crowds and certain licences we don't - and everybody knows they've got better commentary than us. I can't see that changing. And some of the stuff they're doing with the collisions looks great, depending how it works as you actually play.

"But if you want pure gameplay, I think we'll smash them this year. We've got so many things going for us, but just the lightness of touch and the way the players move independently is fantastic. You notice it instantly.

"You can put the pad down and see your team's movement as individuals. I really hope we can get the demo out to people as soon as possible, because it's all very well me talking about these things - it's when you play it that you see instantly.

"We don't want everyone, it's not about that - we want the front runners, the opinion formers, the players who tell their friends "you've got to check out PES this year". We want to bring them back, and I think we can."

Promisingly, PES 2012 is sounding incredible at the moment and it looks like that this could be the year, where PES regains the lead. After hearing such a bold statement coming out of the Konami camp, it's perfectly understandable to have high hopes for PES 2012.

Of course, we're not going to share our full verdict with you just yet. We're going to have to play the game for ourselves first. When we do, we'll post our fair and unbiased impressions with you.

In other news, Jon has also confirmed that the ability to use the D-pad in PES will soon be the thing of the past.

"We've decided not to take out D-Pad this year, because a some fans have told us that they still use it - particularly those ultra-competitive ones who rely on it to quickly change direction. The game will default to the twin sticks, but the option will be there to play with a D-Pad.

"Eventually, it will have to come out, so we're encouraging people to move over to the analogue stick. We made a lot of progress last year in a lot of areas, which included freedom of movement. That's a little bit wasted if you use the D-pad, so we don't expect the option will be there in the next couple of years."

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