[Exclusive] Daymos Making Solid Progress For PES 2012

For the second successive year, we are delighted to announce that we have struck a deal with legendary Xbox 360 PES option file maker, Daymos.

I'm sure you all know who he is and how big of impact he has on the 360 PES community, so you can imagine how happy we are with extending this partnership.

Daymos has created superb option files for a number of years now, and in my opinion, I believe that the file he made last year was his best work by far - PES 2011 Championship & Bundesliga option file.

However, we believe Daymos will out-do himself next time when he releases his file for PES 2012.

We can reveal that he has already started working on his PES 2012 file, and is aiming to release it on the official release date of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 - or "as close as possible".

Of course, we are still a number of months away until the official release or, so here's a few screenshots (and an exclusive interview!) to help you pass the time between now and October.

Please note that the screenshots are only showcasing the file, in a very early stage, so expect the kits to be improved, when Daymos is able to get himself a copy of PES 2012.

Myself and Daymos have been speaking reguarly about his option file lately, and here is what he wanted to share with you guys;
"The reason I've started so early is because of the Import Prequel Data option, which allows you to carryover data from the old version of PES, onto the current version.
"I'm actually quite proud of my first attempt at these kits, especially without seeing them properly in motion or via different light settings, etc.
"However I am hoping that Konami provide us with some new kit templates in PES 2012, as some of the kits have given me trouble already.
"Konami, if you're listening, please give us a FIFTH template slot or just a few more designs. Actually, a template maker would be best - you could do that as it would give editors like me unlimited access to any design."

Daymos has also asked me to ask you, to keep him updated so he can add new kits to his file. Using Twitter, simply give Daymos a heads up when a new kit is officially announced, so he can start working on the new strip/s.

As usual, we will keep you updated with his progress throughout the next few months, as we approach the official release of PES 2012.

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