Seabass PES 2012 Video: The Breakdown

At 1pm today, Konami released this video explaining some of the new features we'll see in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

Here below, are my initial thoughts on the video itself and of course, my first impressions of PES

From now on, you will not be able to use star players to overwhelm opposition defences.
This is fantastic news. Although it's less noticeable compared to previous versions of PES, it's refreshing to see Konami take action against users (Messi and Ronaldo whores) who abuse the exploits in the game. Certainly, this suggests to me that online play will be less repetitive as well as more varied, challenging and most importantly, more entertaining for the users.

Players will now need to use teamwork or individual skill to break down defences. This "will be integrated into PES 2012" - Seabass.
Going on from the first point, I'm very happy with this. For me, PES is the football game for the brain. Compared to the FIFA series, I believe this game requires much more skill, in order to achieve success. It's fantastic to see that Konami are going to provide us with a game that will require even more thought. Even though PES 2012 will probably require a little bit of time for adaptation, I'm very happy with this.

Teammate support is a key improvement for PES 2012. Konami felt they need to improve the off-the-ball movement from players.
Again, brilliant news! It wasn't exactly a game-breaker in PES 2011, but the off-the-ball movement was disappointing at times. It's exciting to think of how users will need to learn how to play PES 2012 - which sounds to be a muchly improved PES 2011.

Before you've even trapped the ball, it's noticeable to see players moving around creating positions for one-two passes, as well as your teammates creating space for you to dribble
Another welcomed addition to the PES series. The AI for PES 2012 is going to be simply incredible. Witnessing your teammates creating space by dragging away their markers, by making decoy runs will be a joy to behold.

Timing of runs are improved - as are running paths. More realistic. Players will now make diagonal runs into space to react your moves.
Again, the AI has obviously been heavily worked on by Konami. It's certainly going to be challenging to make the perfect through ball to your attacking teammates. It's probably going to take a little bit of time to get used to it, but I'll expect great rewards if/when you can crack it.

Teammates will come closer to your target  man - teammates will come closer to you, so they can pick up on your touch down.
I believe this will add a whole new approach to how some players will go about playing PES. I can see players like Andy Carroll and Peter Crouch becoming very useful players - if that's your preferred style of choice, of course! It's clear that Konami seem to be suggesting that holding up play is the way forward.

More passing and dribbling options, allowing players to play how they want, creating a real football simulation.
Like I said previously, it's fantastic to think that users will be able to play how they want. I am expecting a wider range of playing styles for PES 2012.

Man-marking is much tighter, as well as position of marker has been improved. Much more responsive. "Users will be satisfied by an unprecendented level of defence".

"The PES team received a lot of feedback that hold-up play was not easy to perform", so controls have been made more simple. It's good to see Konami are focussing on making improvements on both ends of the pitch. I believe PES 2012 could be the most challenging footballing games we've ever seen.

It is now easier to steal the ball off of your opponent in PES 2012. It's also easier to narrow options, by reducing space for opponent.
Like I've suggested, we are going to see a muchly-improved game. Like any game, we'll need some time to adapt, but I'll say now that my hopes are high for PES 2012.

One on one situations have been focussed on greatly.
It sounds as if the best tactic is to send opponents the wrong way. I can't really say anything on this topic at the moment, because Seabass (without going into detail at this moment in time) states he is still "trying to implement this with more direct control".

There will be an emphasis on physical play.
Another addition that I'm welcoming in with open arms. Konami have always made their games, based around beautiful football - which is good. But I've felt they've ignored (maybe a harsh choice of word there) the physical side of the game. So it's pleasing to see that they've addressed this now.

New game modes, edit features, inter-community rivalries.
As I write this, I don't know what new game modes there will be, but I'm very excited about the prospect of new game modes - as well improving the current ones. The edit mode is already a big part of PES, and for me, the edit mode currently is good enough. So it's brilliant to hear that they're going to improve it. I'm assuming the stadium creator will be looked at first.

"There's still mountains to climb but we're sure we're getting closer to our goal everyday".
Konami aren’t the biggest company in the world. But by God, they’ve provided us with countless hours of entertainment and joy. It’s heart-warming to see that they are still doing all they can to give us the greatest game possible.I admit that they’re probably a few more years away from their ultimate goal, but I believe if anyone can achieve glory, it’s them.

Additional comments; Seabass uses the term "new version", which suggests to me that we'll be getting PES 2011.5 next October - although I believe it's not necessarily a bad thing. For me, PES 2011 was a highly entertaining game that still to this day, provides me with hours of entertainment. I believe Konami are slowly reaching their goal, and PES 2012 will be a stepping stone on the pathway to eternal glory.

The whole idea about the online communities really interests me too. For someone who has been playing a lot of Master League Online this year, and also being an owner of an ever-growing PES community , I can assure you that we will be looking to take advantage of this feature. I doubt we'll be the best PES clan around, but it would be fantastic to see our fans representing OPE during online play.

Safe to say, the next few months are going to be huge - for PES, as well as Only Pro Evolutions of course!

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